Please provide feedback for the below

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please provide the feedback for the below task:

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hi @chanu22895 , I like the simplicity of your page. Here are my SUGGESTIONS;

  1. Since Codepen provides the boilerplate, you don’t need to include the body tags in the HTML editor.
  2. For more info isn’t really accessible as it wouldn’t make much sense to someone who depends on a screen reader. The question is more info about what? I’ll suggest you make the link more meanigful by stating what you really want the user to see. Check the lesson on giving links meaning for more info.
  3. Your styling should go under the CSS section; I can see at least one under the HTML editor.

Hi there)

Looks great. Could you please center the <article> and <a> tags? If you want to walk that extra mile, you can increase the font-size of your article

Have a great day

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