Please provide feedBack on Personal Portfolio Page

Hello all!

Just joined the forums and I was wondering if I could get feedback on the Portfolio Page.

This is the pen:

I also included the other 4 projects in the Responsive Web Design section.

I would love a feedback and constructive criticism.

Thank you!

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Hi @elisavetTriant!

I like your portfolio, your projects look very cool and I really like the colors you chose.

Keep up the good work in the next certificate!

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Hi LoneWanderer!

Thank you SO much for taking the time to review my Portfolio Page and all the other projects. :heart:

Thank you for the encouragment, I’m having a bit of a hard time on the regex section, other than that I think I’m doing pretty good on the Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures section. I’m taking a Udemy Course at the same time and built those 2 fun little Apps the past few days: and

You can check them out also! :blush:


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