Please provide feedback to my url-shortener-microservice-app

Hello fellow campers, I just finished the url-shortener-microservice-app.
You can find the app address here:
And the github project here:

Cheers and thanks, any comment is welcome!

Your glitch seems to be not working anymore?

Hello @Moren, I erased the package.json yesterday and it stopped working. I have just added again but when I delete it, the app stops working. You can check the app now, it is working.

I think it is a neccessar thing with glitch. But as I stated in my previous post, I wasnt sure. In general you don’t want to load package.json files with starting the node server.

But I looked a bit at your service. I like it. But I am not so sure about how well it works in respect to the user story, if you give it a ftp protocol as url. Then it seems to give back a shortened url. Which I think he shouldn’t. As well when he redirected me I ended on a dead page. So I would like to see it also checks for the right protocol, (http, https). But I don’t know if it is necessarily, I’m not so sure.

Hello Molen, thanks again for your feedback. I will take in account your comments and will apply changes this weekend. Thanks and have a nice weekend!