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Critical feedback appriciated.

My Portfolio

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I think that the splash screen looks cool. However, I personally don’t like splash screens on websites – I feel that they make visitors work harder to get to the content.

I noticed that the ‘about me’ section and the ‘contact’ form scroll over the nav bar as opposed to under it.

While I like the idea of embedding your codepen page, I found it a little jarring because the first thing I see is the info part of the page and not the projects – which is what I think you are trying to highlight.

Your navbar seems to work well and the overall structure of the site seems good.

Good work!

Thank you! The splash screen was more an excessive in jQuery and CSS animation and effects, I wouldn’t use one on a site I intended to publish etc.

I agree also about the embedded codepen, I posted this then when I came back to it I had already gone off the idea. I think I may change it to an image of each one which on rollover blurs and shows a description of it. When clicked will link to it.

As for the navbar, I believe it only goes see through if you click within the first second of the page loading due to the fadein effect. I may add a solid div underneath to shop it happening.

Thanks again! Appreciated.

I would call this non-critical feedback, but in your “About” section correct the spelling of viseted to visited, also looks like you have a repeated and (or maybe you meant “and am”) :slight_smile:

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Dont know if you can tell, but writing isnt my strong point :stuck_out_tongue:
Will change when im home.

For the nav bar, you can adjust the z-index to give it priority over the about text.