Please review and give feedback

I need my project to be reviewed and please give your feedback about its design and lay out.



Man, this site is really amazing! I love the style and layout of it and literally everything else.

The animations are so smooth and amazing, the colors really look great, and so does everything else.

All I can say is that you did a super amazing job.
Keep up the great work.

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I agree that the site looks really nice and for them most part functions well, but there are a few issues I’d like to bring to your attention:

  • Good job on making the hamburger icon at the top keyboard accessible (you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this). But when using the keyboard to go through the menu items, if you tab through a sub menu (e.g. ‘Our Services’) the keyboard focus turns the background of the menu item white and thus you can’t read the white menu item text.
  • Speaking of keyboard focus indicators, I think they need to be more pronounced overall. I can barely see the black outline on the green menu and the light green/blue around the dark green buttons is not much better.
  • Your heading levels are off quite a bit. You must have at least one <h1> and then as you go down the hierarchy you should not skip levels.
  • The site is definitely responsive to changes in view port width but it is not responsive to changes in text size. If you don’t know how to change the text size, using Firefox, go to the ‘View->Zoom’ menu and activate ‘Zoom Text Only’. Then while holding down Ctrl scroll your middle mouse button to increase the text size. It won’t take long until you start seeing problems.
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Thanks @ConnerOw1115 and @bbsmooth for taking time to review my site. @bbsmooth, you really caught my weaknesses. Those really are those hard parts for me, which I mostly struggle on to put it together. I really would try to work on those points to fix it possibly and avoid them in future as well… Thanks both.

Hey there,

great work, I like it!

My ideas:

Keep us posted!

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I love this
This is so creative
Only if i click on visa button it doesnt work

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Thanks kitty, for your review. Those links are still dead coz I dont have any actual client to make those pages about. Also I don’t know about business needs of a consultancy, so I havent created any pages to be linked on those.

Thanks @miku86 nice idea BTW.