Please review my code for survey form

this is the address of my pen please check my code and tell the mistake i have done and the use of wrong tags. so i can improve my self.
thanks in advance.

Some of the mistakes you can find yourself and clean up.

In the HTML section in codepen click on the down arrow and then click on ‘Analyze HTML’. This will show that you have some typo’s. Clear those up.

Btw, there’s the same thing for CSS so check that out too.

Form is looking good. I would suggest that you change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over the submit button.

Nice piece dear… Keep it up

Looks good.
Non-coding aspect of it it, but: why do the checkboxes ask you to “Select an option which best describes you”

It implies choose one, and so more of a radio buttons thing. Wouldn’t “Check all that apply” be more appropriate?