Please review my first website. Thanks!

I need plenty of feedback on my very first website that I am currently building. There a few things I need to do. Can anyone help me do these things please.

So firstly…Homepage!

  1. The logo is loading too slowly
  2. I managed to get two modals to work but the middle one is not working at all (i’ve struggled for days!)
    3)My banner text animation is working properly
  3. I’m struggling to come up with a good playful design for the website but im not creative in that sense
  4. Footer is still a work in progress but ideas are welcome

I’m quite happy with the about page but there is room for improvement!

Secondly … Supporters page

  1. The banner is much too big and is slowing down the page, I want it to take up the whole full height of the browser … Ive tried rescaling it but then the image distorts!

2)At this point… I’ve given up on styling lol…like i said. Not very creative there.

Thirdly…The map is also slowing down the contact page.

Lastly… I need to add a donate section to the page. I’m thinking of adding a modal to the donate button on each page but i dont know how to do that either! I have almost zero javascript knowlege , all the javascript code you see was all copy and pasted. So can anyone please help complete this website.

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HI @miriam098 !

I edited the title of your post to remove the link.
You will get more responses to your posts if you avoid posting links in the title since we can’t click on them.

Happy coding!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I like it and it loaded perfectly on my laptop.

As you are an educational setting, I would suggest you always check your spelling. Gallery, not Gallary. Sorry, as a proofreader and ex-teacher, I am always on the lookout for spelling errors! Remember, correct spelling, especially in your line of work, conveys confidence in parents.
In terms of website design questions, ask yourself who is your audience? I think your design fits your brief.
Well done, like I said it looks lovely.
Good luck!
Jayne :cowboy_hat_face:
Ps: sorry I didn’t look at the coding.

Hi @miriam098 !

Here are a few of my observations.

I think the main thing is to work on responsiveness. On smaller devices it is not responsive at all.

On the about page, there is this issue

Also, using cursive for the body text is a little hard to read in my opinion.
I think cursive is fine for titles but not for the body.
I would suggest picking a font like open sans, roboto, or lato for the body.

Hope that helps!

Thank you all for your review. I’m actively improving it website :slight_smile: