Please Review my NightLife App

Here is my NightLife App

One known limitation: Its slow in updating the number of people going.

Please critique it and let me know of possible improvements. :smile:


Generally the APP looks like its working… but i see no reference to the original app ( )… the layout and functionality are exactly the same so i think you should reference it and give credit to the original creator.

My suggestion is to try and be a bit original with your app… change the layout a bit, etc

That said… the app looks to be OK… good work!

Added the credit to the original design. I am no good at UI design that’s why I copied the design.

I know your pain… i have the same problem, i take ages and end up with crappy design :frowning2: just makes me appreciate “designers” even more

I don’t know much about React so i can’t really comment on the implementation (mostly angular so far… but its on my TODO list) but the code looks clean to me, will check it out later when i start a React project.

I’ll go and try learn some design.