Please review my personal portfolio!

Umm… I’ll take a look at that code, when I use the Google Devtool for big screens everything seems to be fine, but I will have to test it on a real screen I guess. Thanks for letting me know.

As for the domain name, I’m thinking in buying one once I finished with the other projects I’m currently working on to add to my portfolio.

I don’t know exactly what you mean when you say there’s no indication of the “Fold”. What fold?

Also, there’s no gold color being used on the portfolio section, that color is part of the screenshot that it’s being shown.

Oh that’s just a picture that I found on Google and I’m using it as a filler until I get my own professional photo which I want it to look very similar to that one.

You need to do some research and google the Fold. It has to do with basic design and you need to know it.

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