Please review my portfolio...I need help

Hi guys.

I’m currently completing the Front-End development course and I’ve just finished my portfolio site.

I’d really love some feedback on my progress because I’ve been staring at this for 7 hours and it’s 4am right now. I can’t seem to stop the navbar from overlapping at the point to which I’m linking. (It goes to that section and then covers the title)

Also, can anybody give me some advice on how to properly stream with the audio tag. I’ve got the .mp3 files on my Github but they’re not loading when I click play.

Thanks in advance.

See the Pen freeCodeCamp : Portfolio Zayd Carelse by Zayd Carelse (@KelthuZayd) on CodePen.

I’ve fixed the navbar but I think it’s a little hacky.

Still can’t figure out why the audio tag won’t allow for stream but I suppose I’ll keep trying.

Try resizing your window to make the width smaller, and see what happens. For mobile, you could try and make a so called ‘navbar hamburger’ (you might want to Google that).

As for the audio: never tried anything with audio.

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Thanks. Appreciated.

It’s a nice layout, but rather than using line breaks, why not look at using some HTML and CSS, and add margin top to your containers?

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Thanks. :smile: I appreciate the feedback. I felt like just using line breaks was a bit too hacky but I could definitely clean up the code that way. Awesome input. :+1:t4: