Please review my portfolio website

First the link :

Please let me know what you think about my portfolio website?
Please let me know how it looks on your end?
Is it good enough how can it be better?

  • Loaded a bit slow
  • Add presentation to the page via CSS
  • Color combination and contrast aren’t appealing
  • Some of the things look like you wanted them to fit the site and not actually blend them in, like the footer.

You can add a contact form as well. Try looking some more dev profile themes and see if you can get the idea for yourself to add more nice stuff. See this as an example

I think it looks really good actually! I like it, and really dig how you went for yellow…everyone does blue (even me lol) so its catchy and feels…really positive and gives off a creative vibe. :smiley:

I made a few super minor changes to your css and took some pics for you to see. Like, ridiculously minor nit-picky stuff to be honest, cause I think you did really well with this. I took off the really rounded corners (changed them to 3 radius) because of your geometric bg design, to keep your site with that angular vibe. I also kind of adjusted the colours to make them a bit more complimentary to each other. I eyeballed it, so its not exact, but its just to give an idea.

I think contact forms are personal preference… I had one on my website for over 10 years, and mostly only got spam through it. Legit people usually wanted my email to contact me directly. So Ive done away with the contact form and make my email prominent…I mean, like I said, thats personal preference, it wont hurt to have or not have it.

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Thank you for having a look. It does look better with the transparent background. I will apply. that. Should I go with or without a navbar?

Yeah, i may change the project boxes. thank you for looking.

Your website is pretty concise… I dont think it requires navigation to find your way through it, know what I mean? If you find your portfolio is getting larger starts to involve more scrolling, then sure…but as it is right now, I dont see an actual need for one.

Hi, I think you did a really good job.
The design is fine, and i like your work.
My recommendation is to search on internet about color contrasts. You need a better match regarding the colors, but otherwise is awesome.