Please review my Random Quote Generator

I’ve got it working but since I’m not much of a designer, I tried to keep it very simple. Any feedback is appreciated.

Strange thing to note: the twitter icon doesn’t show up on the blue button here, while it does in CodePen.

CodePen Link

On a larger screen consider aligning everything center. I think it will look nicer that way.

Another distraction for me was that when the quote text is right aligned like it is now, I payed attention to how I couldn’t read left to right like I usually do. This distracted from the quote itself, which is surely the centerpiece of the site.

I like the handwriting style font at the top, but found it slightly jarred with the simple font of the quote text.

I agree with centering, so I’ve updated the page to center the quote.

I like the right aligned quote, so I won’t give it up easily, but I added a button to toggle alignment. Now you can choose your preference.

Can you explain your last sentence? What is wrong with the combination of fonts?

Thanks for the feedback.

It’s not necessarily wrong, I just felt the difference between the fonts from header to body is very noticeable. Personally I think stylistic consistency is important.

What would you advice?