Please review my Random Quote Machine - still in Beta (almost finished)

Hi, I almost finished Random Quote Machine, still need some styling, work on responsiveness, twitter button and some code refactoring. But I’m impatient to hear some feedback on implemented functionality.

github repo


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HI @pedja77,

It took me a little bit to understand what I had to do here as it says Random Fortune Generator rather then Random Quote Machine and I didn’t realise I just had to click the “Fortune” button.

For me, what your program is generating quotes, not fortunes.

Also I noticed:

Category: disclaimer

All models over 18 years of age.

This suggests a site with other content rather than just quotes.

There is no social media share button as per the user story - perhaps you aren’t interested in doing this part anyway?

The general feel is a bit cold too will your final product will have more colourful graphic interface?

What’s great is the amount of categories you have for all the quotes - this is awesome and means you can get a quote suited to whatever topic you have in mind. It looks like a lot of coding has gone into this and look forward to the final result.

If your interested I just recently finished my Quote Machine here

Thank you for detailed review and sharing your thoughts about UX - non intuitive user interface. It is work in progress so I will pay attention to these kind of details.
I called this project Random Fortune Generator because as a sources for fortunes (they are “quotes”) I used files from unix fortune program. It is a little program that executes in terminal. You simply type ‘fortune’ as command and then you can read random quote. Here is the Wikipedia article about this program.
So, idea was to simulate Linux terminal and fortune program.

Category: disclaimer

All models over 18 years of age.

Above is quote from Disclaimer category, not really a disclaimer on my page that suggests adult content . Although some fortunes maybe can be found offensive by some people, but i didn’t find a way to filter them out from the files. There are hundreds of them.

Nice touch to your project to add links about quote author. But I almost missed them, because if quote is little longer those links are not on the screen, I noticed them on the 4 -5th quote.
Thank you for response.