Please review my tribute page - my first ever project

Hi, please could someone review my first ever project.

I would like feedback and any suggestions on improvements or modifications that I should make. Thanks

Hi Veeshi,

Nice, it looks like you have all the essentials, so I’d just suggest styling your fonts and changing your paragraph tags into list elements so that the individual events are more defined. Also, a little splash of color wouldn’t hurt (maybe red borders between the different years?).

Hope this helps!

Hey Chloe,

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’ve changed all my paragraph tags in to list elements and added them into individual wells with a light cream background and red outline. the only problem is I’ve tried to change the font but neither setting a font-family or importing google fonts works. Have you got any idea why this is happening??

Thanks in advance!

Awesome! One thing: your years are like subheadings so they shouldn’t be in list elements, but your events should be so you won’t have to add the offsetting lines in manually. And do you think you could leave the code that’s supposed to set the font in your pen, even if it doesn’t work so I can have a look? Keep up the great work!

I’ve fixed the list elements so the events are only list elements and the years are just subheadings. I’ve imported the google font and somehow it worked! I’m not sure why during the day the font wouldn’t work but imported it exactly the same and it’s working now. I appreciate the feedback a lot Chloe!

Good, I’m glad it worked! Also, once you put text in a list element, you no longer need the paragraph tags.