Please review my weather app

I finished my weather app. Geolocation was the hardest part…i still don’t fully comprehend callbacks. But, I am happy with the result. Please take a look and give me your feedback. Thanks!

Pretty neat design.Excellent. I would like to point out one or two things though

  1. The refresh button is not working i suppose because when i click on it, it does nothing
    2)I think you missed the part where you have to provide a toggle button or something similar to change between temperature units.

The location is dead precise though and i loved it. I am working through this project too. May be i will share tomorrow but your design looks way better than mine for sure.

Good Job!
happy coding! Cheers!

Looks nice, responsive, nice color selection, only thing missing is metric system :sunglasses:
Also it looks like there is some limit for refresh interval.

Thank you guys! Totally forgot the F/C conversion, so I will go back and add that.

I put the refresh button in for testing and never took it out. It may not do much because the forecast data is the same upon refresh. I definitely did not add any visual cue that the button was pressed. I think a better option is to try to detect the location, but also allow user to input a zip code or something (not sure what to use for international…).