Please share yor opinion regarding my CV

I would like to hear some opinions regarding my CV.
I started applying for some jobs with few responses/phone interviews but no job yet.
When coronavirus lock down be over i would like to start applying more intensively and finish my LinkedIn profile as i can’t even go and get profesional headshot anywhere:laughing:
Meanhwile i would like to ask how my CV looks like. What should i add(learn) or remove etc.

Hello !

What are the kind of job you apply for ?

If you apply for a job with others applicants :

  • Content should stay on a unique page

  • There are too much elements, think about white-space utility for visibility

  • Maybe add a few “color spot” to highlight important infos

What I mean is : in general, recruiters put little time to read each cv and if they are a lot of them, your need to separate yourself from others by effective design or something nice which catch the recruiter’s eye at first

Wish you lucky/good time with your job research :slight_smile:

Oh yes i forgot to mention it :grinning:… its for web developer role.

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Ok so you’re in a similar position to a lot of people who are starting out and self taught in that you have no experience and not really any relevant qualifications: you have a somewhat relevant degree, but then there is a huge gap between then and now.

The critical thing here is that you’re applying for a web development role but not demonstrating any competencies. You don’t need to do this on a CV, but yours does give the impression that all you’ve done is an online course.

The language you’ve used in the qualifications profile is in large part just jargon. Try rewriting it using language you would actually use IRL, stop looking at “keywords people stuff into CVs” lists. If you convert what is there to normal language and read it, it doesn’t quite make sense

These is also a specific issue with the first paragraph + the web design section: given you list one online course as the sum total of your experience, you are either missing out significant details re your knowledge, or these paragraphs contain some fibs.

I am being very harsh here, but I think you need to be a bit more honest and bit more natural. Your CV reads like someone applying for a first job, but this is not your first job: you are currently nearly at managerial level in your sector, but want to switch to a different sector that you currently do not have working experience of. You need to persuade someone that you would be a good hire as a junior developer. Unless you have missed out a huge chunk of experience, you do not have expertise in web design at this current point in time.
Devs involved in hiring have generally been in similar positions to you: they will often strongly empathise, but you need to give em something. Recruiters look for keywords, by all means dope your Linkedin profile, but be careful about doing it on your CV.

You live in a tech hub, so there are junior jobs. Keep refining this though – you need to be able to adjust it for each application.


@DanCouper … Good points. My one real IT experience is when i did some Internship years ago. I was asked to automate calculations for billing purpose(cost of hot water, heating, energy consuption), whitch was done manually (calculator). I prepared them Excel file where they could type relevant customer information. Modify formula if needed and print the bill stright away. All done once not twice or more in case of error.

Loking at many sites advising how to prepare CV a lot of them mention Aplicant Trackin Systems whitch means ‘use specific sets of words’ , polish it to look super great etc. It is a bit confusing and You right ‘education part’ of my CV contradict the ‘qualifications profile’.

More natural version of CV is from my course provider.

Oh quick qestion.
Should i mention courses done on frecodecamp, udemy or from indiwiduals like Wes Bos. As i tried to combine them all to pick up bit more so i could now create my big project instead of putting endless number of curses on my codepen / pc.