Please solve aC++ !!

Date class
● Day, Month, and Year
● A default and User-defined constructor
● Function to setDate with month, day, and year
○ You should validate the date ; 12/03/2021 is a valid date while 33/6/2021 is not. Hint: use the calendar to determine how many days in each month.
● Function to print the date in nice format 12/03/20121 (overload cout << ) ● A member function to increment a specified date with a specified integer
value. You should deal with all special cases, I mean when the day is 30 or .31
Date d1(19,6,2021) ;
Date d1=d1+1;
It should print 20/6/2021
2. Employee Class
● First name, last name,Salary, BirthDate , and HireDate. BirthDate and
HireDate should be objects from the previous Date class.
● A user defined constructor with the four arguments(First name, last
name,BirthDate , and HireDate).
● Friend function to overload cout << employee
3. The main should test the following tasks

  1. Read information of employees from a file and store them in an array of employees.
    File structure
    #of Employee
    firstname lastname salary birthdate hiredate 2
    Ali Ahmad 3000 12/4/1999 9/3/2006
    Samia Khalid 2700 12/8/2002 29/6/2020
  2. Print all Employees.
  3. A function that takes an array of employees and a specified filter such as hire date and prints and returns a new array with all employees that satisfied that filter. Write at least two reasonable functions.
  4. A function that creates a new employee and appends it to the existing file. You should update the number of employees in the first line of file.

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