Please some if this was one of my projects in portfolio. Calculator!

Javascript Calculator using redux/react
please may I have some sort of feedback as if you want to hire me or so?

is this too much code? should it be refactored? was my redux pointless?

my goal was to show react and redux working together

thank you so much.

I like the design and the way you are handling calculations.

Some edge cases to consider are:

  • 0.005 * 2
  • 0* 2
  • 5*200

IMO using redux on this is a bit excessive, but I get that you are trying to show it working together and I would think recruiters would understand that too.

One potential thing I think could be refactored is having a seperate function and button typed out for each number. Right now there’s a whole lot of code handling the numbers 1-9 that is repetitive. I would consider refactoring to create the jsx buttons in a loop and possibly trying to have one function to handle the numbers.

Keep up the good work

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thank you a lot for going through it

im working on refactoring the number and operator input without repeating them again and again

ill get to work…will post finished product once done. Thank you!

my new code

I hope this can help me get an interview :frowning: