Please Suggest :Python Career

I have an experience in php now trying to switch job into Python language .but as python their is requirement of Rest Api,Django,ORM, Designing Patterns etc… .their is a list of my question is
1 How would i move myself and applicable myself for the interview ?
2 which topic should i cover or what method should i opt for my career change in language.
Big confusion Please suggest .

I don’t understand the question.
Python is a programming language, not a career. As such, it can do everything PHP or any other turing-complete language can do: That is to say, pretty much everything.

The first thing I had to learn when starting programming, was that language doesn’t matter. There are differences inbetween syntax and certain behaviors (inerpreter vs compiler), but the general logic is the same everywhere. Hence a switch between languages is always possible.

Hence my confusion. Knowing Python doesn’t mean a lot. It means you can apply to jobs requiring Python knowledge, but these jobs can range from webdev to engeneer to data analyst… but all those jobs can be done with a variety of languages and it just depends on which one the company is used to.

So whatever packages and whatnot you need to know, depends on the field you want to work in. I want to got for data-science, thus I know like half a dozen packages for that. If you want to go for webdev, you might need a completly different set of packages.

You gotta ask yourself, in what area do you want to work. Then we can go ahead and recommend packages.
As for interviews, it will be normal coding interviews. Python does offer some neat tricks and “pythonic” ways to write certain things. But that’s just fluff, the general programming logic in Python is no different from other languages.

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