Please take a look at my Product Landing Page, I have just created it and welcome suggestions

Finally I have designed a my Mango:PLG Page and please give a suggestion to improve it.
Link is here:

Nice work! Nice a clean look. I’d suggest adding smooth scrolling and maybe hover effect on nav li items. Great work though !

Thank you…I will definately do changes as you suggested.

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Indent better and more consistently, your HTML looks messy.

Instead of writing your CSS like this:


Try writing it this way:

Selector {
color: one;
background-color: two

It’s a very small thing but makes your code

  1. easier to read
  2. cleaner
  3. do the same thing but with fewer lines of code

As far as code itself goes, I haven’t looked through it too much but I see you added a nav-link class to your list items in the navbar, but used .nav-list li instead in your CSS (which you should) to target them. Try cleaning up a bit and remove any unnecessary classes/ids that.

The site itself is functional which is good :slight_smile:

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Thanks and i have indented code as you told.
Some more suggestions about code indentation are welcome.