Please test my JavaScript Calculator

Real nice style there! Good job! :smiley: cheers

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It works great very easy to use

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Hi Bruce, I’ve been testing your calculator and I like it so much, I didn’t have any problem with calculations, but just an issue, that can be considered insignificant anyway, I’ll try to describe it to you:

If I input a calculation, after pressing “=” and then I start entering a new number, If it has more than one character, the first one dissapears. For example, the one (1) is missing here:

I hope you understand what I mean since English is not my native language and I’m trying to explain as best as possible. I have to remark that this issue doesn’t affect the incoming calculation, so I say it could be considered insignificant.

By the other hand, it is possible to make the text of the calculator “non-selectable” by adding user-select: none; to your CSS, this feature is supported by any modern browser, just place it whenever it is required. But it is just a thing of design not functionality, so it is not something critical.

Great work, I still can’t do something like your calculator but I’m learning from you all, to do it some day.

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buenas consulta como haces para que te salga la imagen de la calculadora?

Thank you! I found the problem causing the missing number.

About the selectable text, I hadn’t thought about it but it’s definitely an improvement, having it non-selectable. So thanks for that too!

  • Bruce

Hola Vivimir, para poner la imagen de la calculadora en el post del foro, hice una captura de pantalla y luego subí la imagen, pues el foro permite hacerlo.

Si usas una herramienta como LightShot el proceso es rápido y sencillo. Espero que sea la respuesta a la pregunta, disculpa la demora :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

One minor problem I find is that you cannot change operators once you start typing.
Oops (1 year on!) :mantelpiece_clock:

Johnny, I’m not sure what you mean. You type some numbers and then want to make them negative? Like +/- button?

Ok, I discovered you have to press CE to remove the last operator. Then you can change to a different operator.