Please Test My Simon Game

This was a really challenging challenge! I really had to delve into the asynchronous aspects of JavaScript. All the setTimout() invocations are ugly but other forms of callbacks didn’t seem to work.

Please let me know if you can find any errors in the game. I’ve set the game-winning number of steps to 10 to make it easier to inspect the whole game. If you have trouble with the size of the image, try changing the editor view to side-by-side or try resizing windows and frames. I’m going to embed the SVG to make it more responsive.

Project Link -


Looks great.

  1. On error (putting wrong sequence) plays very jarring noise.
  2. Clue Speed change once you cross 8 or 9 clues
  3. Was something suppose to happen at / after successful 10 clues ( i didnt get anything)
    Good job bro.
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  1. That jarring noise is roughly the noise the original game played on errors. I tried to mimic the original as much as possible.
  2. The speed change is also part of the original game. You think I should provide some kind of dialog warning?
  3. I originally had the winning sequence occur after 10 steps but I got no responses to this post so when I was happy with the game I submitted it. One of the user stories is that winning requires 20 correct steps so that’s where it is now. If you want to try winning at 10 steps, go to line 80 of the javascript and change the 20 to 10.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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Even the original game is codepen project by someone, taking out jarring noise will be a certain improvement.
Pop up dialogue/warning at different stages can also be improvement.
Anyway good job.

I discovered that I had the increasing pace set up incorrectly. It wasn’t supposed to go as fast as it did with 11 steps.