Please test out my Random Quote Machine

Hello, I believe I fixed the Twitter functionality on Code Pen, but I was hoping someone could test it out? I don’t have a Twitter account. If you do, please give me any feedback. Thank you.

Project Link -

Each time the quote gets added to the previous tweet.

Look at your code on line 113-115:

function tweetQuote(){
  twitterButton.href += encodeURI(quote) + ' -' + encodeURI(author);

My suggestion:

function tweetQuote(){
  let href = ''
  twitterButton.href = href + encodeURI(quote) + ' -' + encodeURI(author);

Also try to resize your browser window and check your layout.

Btw creating a twitter account doesn’t take long and doesn’t cost any money.

Thank you for the feedback, I knew I probably should have been more observant to the layout.

Also, I know Twitter is free to join, I just don’t want one. :slight_smile: