Please try my new App!


Please check out my new app, SpeedDrill:

I’ve connected my React Frontend to a Python - Django backend that keeps my data and serves the highscores RESTfully.

So please compete and see how your arithmetic is relative to other campers!

Here is my frontend:

I’d be happy to hear any suggestions regarding the UI/UX of my app or even about my code itself if you are checking out my github.

Also happy to answer any technical questions about my app.



It’s great I’m new to programming, and I wish I could create a quarter of what you have.

Thanks man. You will be building apps faster than you think.

As an aside, I just fixed some database things. I hope no one was getting any weird bugs while I did that.

Pretty neat, I like it!

Great looking app, and it’s a lot of fun to play! The only small issue that I found is that after clicking an answer, that button continued to be highlighted. It kind of threw me off a little. Overall, it looks really good! :smile: