Please what is the problem in my lookup?

var lookup = {


    "bravo": "Boston",

    "charlie": "Chicago",

    "delta": "Denver",

     "echo": "Easy",



      return lookup[val];

  // Only change code above this line




after I did everything this is what is telling me
// running tests You should not modify the


statement Adams // tests completed // console output Adams

This is much easier if you share all of your code. It looks like some of it is missing from the post.

Also, can you provide a link to the challenge you are working on?

I recommend using the Ask For Help button in the future.

ok, I really appreciate you sir , I just join the community that why

If you share the infos from Jeremy post we will be much more able to help you :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for your concern sir , I ve pas the challenge already

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