Plenty of challenges without describing the methods!

I am just speechless! There are too many challenges in Intermediate Algorithm Scripting section which are beyond the reach of noob coder. How can you guys expect a coder to know the functions that you didn’t teach in earlier lessons?

For example: String.substr, Math.min(), Math.max(). String.charcodeat and plenty of more methods.

I do my best not to click on Hint section because I want to test myself but as soon as I click, I see a bunch of new concepts which weren’t explained and were just thrown to us without any description.

Now a genuine question, are we supposed to study the hint section directly without wasting our time in trying to solve the challenge without knowing? because I see that there are links included with the challenges. Those are informative to be honest.

What I’m trying to say is, include all the information in the coding curriculum instead of Hint section because some of us may not be aware of those explanations and methods and rather just give up on those challenges.

you are expected to apply the Read-Search-Ask method, and that you would find the documentation in which everything is documented.

Anyway, the Algorithms can be solved with just what FreeCodeCamp teach, but there are methods that can do what you would use loops and other things to do

Thanks, I’ll do that from now, although I do it already.