Ploty usa heat map

Hey I am struggling to get my heat map to be apply colour on the USA.

import as px

# Assuming you have a DataFrame called usacrime_df containing the Crime Rate for each state
# Replace 'States' and 'Crime Rate' with the actual column names in your DataFrame
fig = px.choropleth(usacrime_df,  # Input Pandas DataFrame
                    locations="States",  # DataFrame column with state names
                    locationmode='USA-states',  # Set to plot as US States
                    color="Crime Rate",  # DataFrame column with color values (Crime Rate)
                    hover_name="States",  # DataFrame column hover info
                    color_continuous_scale='YlOrRd',  # Choose colormap
                    range_color=(0, 1000),  # Adjust the range of colors
                    scope="usa",  # Plot only the USA instead of globe
                    title="Crime Rate Heatmap by State"  # Set the title

# Show the heatmap

Please can someone help