Pls help. I'm stuck and panicking

I don’t know what else to do.
There’s a lot of errors but I don’t know what are they.

  • The gray boxes that contain the images and videos have problems.
  • The footer won’t stretch to cover all width and has a gap below.
  • When the query activates below 720width, the videos overlay with other stuff.
  • The text in the footer won’t respond to any command i give it. It does what ever it wants.
  • And more…

Could anyone take a look at the whole thing and point me out the errors and problems? I don’t understand anything anymore.

It’s been a whole week working on this. I’m so tired and in the midsts of several mental breakdowns.
Please help me.

Hey @white.pony!

For the videos, they all play for me so I don’t what problems you are experiencing. I did run your code through the html validator and there were some errors concerning the frame border attribute being obsolete. So maybe you could check out those errors when you run your code through the html validator. For the images, you were using viewport width. So you might try to use something like percentages.

For the footer section you are using the footer tag but then you also create a div with an id of footer. In your css , you footer stylings are spread out throughout the page. So I would probably get rid of that div element and just apply your stylings directly to the footer tag. Make sure to keep all of those stylings together in one place so it is easier to locate in you css file.

You are currently using viewport units for the video. You could try using another css unit and that should work better.

I think once you get rid of that div element for the footer id and just apply the majority of styling to the footer tag and then creating styles for just the title in the footer it will work much better. Also I would use em or rem for font sizes and not viewport.

Overall, I think there are a lot of good things happening. But there are some errors and unnecessary repetition in your css that is causing you to have a lot of stress. Run your html and css through those validators and fix the errors . Remember the DRY principle. (Do Not Repeat Yourself)

Hope that helps!

I understand how you feel. I have been there before! You are doing really well besides the few issues the site looks great! I adjusted a few of your placements of div’s and sections to clean up the overflow and adjusted the correlating CSS. The copy of the codepen is uploaded. You can track the changes in VS code if you have trouble following it. I hope this helps :smile: