Pls review my first real world project

I have created a website for my client and I’m looking for some feedback before uploading the website to the server. I took inspiration from some templates online for better color scheme. I have used html, css, bootstrap and vanilla php to create this website :point_down:


Looks good.

Maybe have a look at the mobile menu on the home screen. The text overlaps other text and on small phones the menu icon moves to a second row:


Yes im aware of this issue for xs screen sizes. Will fix it soon. Thanks

I would recommend a few things:

  • Install a few accessibility extensions on your browser (such as Axe, Wave) and run them. They will find the easy accessibility issues that you definitely should not have for a production web site. I’ll get you started. You should definitely have an <h1> header on the page. And another: Do not remove the outline from links. Or if you do then make sure your links somehow show the user that they have keyboard focus.
  • Speaking of keyboard focus, using only the keyboard, make sure you can navigate/use the page properly.
  • Test your page with increased font sizes. If you don’t know what I mean, using FF, go to the View -> Zoom menu and activate ‘Text zoom only’. Then hold down the Ctrl key and scroll the middle mouse button to increase the font size. You will see things break at larger font sizes. You cannot assume the font size the user will be viewing your page with.
  • The trend nowadays is to develop for mobile first. So base all of your styling on a mobile view and then use media queries to style for larger views.
  • You are not using a tabpanel correctly under the ‘What can we do for you?’ header. You can find many accessible ones on github so you don’t have to roll your own.
  • Go through your page with a screen reader to make sure it functions properly.

I’m going to stop here. The page definitely looks nice. Now it is time to work on those pesky accessibility details.


Thank u very much for your suggestions.

It’s a nice, clean site. Well done! :slight_smile:

Is it ‘Iot’ or ‘IoT’? You have Iot & AI on the card, but IoT in the text.

Why so many capital letters?
We are at Sedulous , Discover, Design and Deliver…
Sedulous is a Global Software Solution company offering complete Software Solutions, Services and Products for Mobile and Web platforms.

3/102, Lalita Park, Near Laxmi Nagar Metro station

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Yes you r right🙂. I think I should fix this. Thanks for the suggestion.

I love the animation on the landing page, when the two sections come in from the sides.

I can help with some grammar.

We deliver the Software You need, no more no less

I think capitalizing both “Software” and “You” reads awkwardly. I would suggest only capitalizing “Software” for emphasis. Then you would be using only one capital for emphasis instead of two directly in a row.

We Discover, Design and Deliver from simple to complex mobile & web solutions for diverse business verticals from across the world.
Remove the word “from”, it isn’t needed. I don’t actually know what “business verticals” are. There is probably a better translation, but I can’t help there. Possibly “models”, but a business person would be better qualified than I am.

Know More
should be “Learn More”

We develop excellent websites/web application according to your need. We have developed numerous sites and web apps for our clients. We use most advance tools and technologies.
We develop excellent websites/web applications according to your needs. We have developed numerous and web apps for our clients, using the most advanced tools and technologies. (Two words changed to plural. Each of the sentences started with “We”, but you can combine the two bottom sentences into one to get rid of one of the "We"s.

With help of our some data analytic products you can play with huge data and create different type of reports. Data tool can help you to get desired automatic reports.
Here, I am getting out of my expertise because I don’t know the standard technical language. But the grammar should be: “With the help of our data analytic products, you can explore your huge data (or large data sets) to create customized reports. Our data tools can help you create specialized automatic reports.” I’ve never heard the use of “huge” with regards to data, but I am not in the data analysis field. I have heard “Big Data”. Possibly, “With the help of our Big Data analytic tools, you can explore large data sets to create customized reports and specialized automatic reports.” Use another word than “play”.

Our IoT products are quite unique along with very affordable price. We are best at sensor based IoT’s . You got multiple devices and tensed due to their communication? let us help you.
Our IoT products are quite unique with very affordable pricing. Do you have multiple devices that are causing you stress because they don’t communicate? We have excellent sensor-based communication solutions. Let us help you!

Wow, that was much harder than I anticipated. I’ll stop here. Check technical sentences with your co-workers.


:wink::wink: Thanks for the feedback. Yes I am trying to create more meaningful content but bit difficult because I am the only one handling this project.

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I’m finally working on a website of my own and haven’t focused on the content as much as the functionality and design of the site. I really like the look of your site.

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Wow Looks AMAZING bro

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Thank you very much bro

Love the look of the site. I need to step up my game. :grin:

One thing I noticed, and this is more of a question for advanced developers; At the top of the site, you have a “Learn More” button, which I think is great. Otherwise, people may miss the fact that there is more content below.

Due to the length of the page, does there need to be some sort of indicator, e.g. a floating arrow that moves down the page as the user scrolls to indicate more content to the user? Maybe even set it up like the “Learn More” button so that it pops them down to the next section?

Again, just a question. I could be totally off base here. :wink:

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:grin::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: i didn’t get what exactly you want to ask.

Doesn’t matter. Looking at it a second time, I like the way you have it. :grin:

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No much to say from my viewpoint. someone already said about the mobile menu already. I am loving the interface with a contrasting blue with white. Smooth transitions/animations. Definitively I like your project. Keep up with it! And congrats :confetti_ball:

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