Pls review my portfolio
Please review my portfolio and give suggestions

Hi Ankit

I think you have a pretty good solid portfolio. Ther are sone things that could be improved. In my opinion he first Hero section (or Jumbotron) is a bit colorless. if you used something bigger and bolder both for the font and the image it would at least catch my attention.It is the first impression after all.

Also check the links in your portfolio. They all seem to go to the same project. The anchor tag text over the project thumbnails is almost invisible when you have blue text against purple background.

I also see that in the contact section the gmail link does not work.

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Hi, you should work a little more on responsiveness, specially in your intro section: you should at least set background-size:cover;, but it seems that there is some issue in the bootstrap grid (on small width windows the photo becomes too small and the .pr text flows down on the left): perhaps % rules applied to the img squabble with bootstrap default css (try to remove max-width, max-height and margin-left) . To easily review how your code will work on different size devices you can use the device/responsive mode of your browser (ctr+shift+m) (better if you try on the debug view of codepen).

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thanks, pls help me more, pls review once again