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Write a program in C++ to demonstrate information system for the employees working in University. Employee class contains subclasses for Manager and Teacher. Teacher class has further subclasses for RegularyTeacher and VisitingTeacher. The attributes common by each employee include the name and job title of the employee and date of joining. The regular teachers need an attribute for monthly salary and the visiting teachers have pay rate and hours worked in a month. Both types of teacher have an attribute for qualification. Manager class has attribute for total experience. 2. To the Distance class in the ENGLPLUS program in this chapter, add an overloaded - operator that subtracts two distances. It should allow statements like dist3= dist1-dist2;. Assume that the operator will never be used to subtract a larger number from a smaller one (that is, negative distances are not allowed). 3. Write a program that substitutes an overloaded += operator for the overloaded + operator. This operator should allow statements like s1 += s2; where s2 is added (concatenated) to s1 and the result is left in s1. The operator should also permit the results of the operation to be used in other calculations, as in s3 = s1 += s2

Wrong forum, but we can help you learn how to do it.

Start by searching “Learn objective C++”. Lots of info on the internet.

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If you would like help on your assignment, you can share what you have so far and discuss what part you are stuck on. We may be able to help you figure out what’s going on.

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