Podcasts and doing projects for Python

I am currently studying B.Tech Degree for Computer Science and Engineering and I have learnt that Python is a simplest language and have heard there are lot of opportunities for Python in job opportunities and even in Machine Learning which made me interested to choose Python and I have been using Programming with Mosh for learning Python too but it would be great if there are any podcasts for Python it can be from Spotify or YouTube tho I am fine either way.

I also am planning to do some projects based on that but I had many recommended me to use GitHub for putting projects or even taking from them it would be great to know what’s the purpose of the website.

I started listening to The Python Podcast.init recently, and I think it is pretty great. Also, the Super Data Science Podcast and The Changelog are not Python specific, but I think both are super informative.

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Not expecting miracles, but little bits of information when I’m commuting/walking to improve my coding would be great.