Poe Tribute page & Portfolio feedback

Hello everyone,
I’d like some feedback on my Tribute page & Portfolio.
I’m not happy at all with my portfolio, it turned out very… not professional and ‘MySpace’-y :rofl: But I figure that I’ll learn more and be able to give it a makeover in the future.
I’m a novice, but I feel like my Tribute page’s code is much neater than the Portfolio’s (which looks like a mess to me).
What do you guys think? Any advice is appreciated! :grinning:



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Looks really good but some minor bugs that you wanna fix :
1)In the tribute page , the image of the poet is not responsive .
2)secondly i understand why you are using that font family as he is a poet but please change it to Lobster font or something else cause this font looks good but quite hard to read and understand.

3)And then in the portfolio site if the girl logo be in middle it would look good and and move the coming soon icons to lil right side too :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your critiques :slight_smile: I believe I have fixed the image issue. The font is definitely hard to read, but was more for the aesthetics. I had more trouble than I expected with the portfolio grid area. I’m not entirely sure how to fix it, but I’ll keep tweaking it until I can figure what I’m missing. Thanks again!

I like it. Only thing I might suggest is just to add this CSS so that your last list item does not wrap over the skull.

li:last-child { width: 75%; }

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your tribute page looks awesome!! The bird bullet style! Yeah! it was totally cool! The minimalistic design looks great since its a trend in 2018! But one thing! Yeah one Thing! There are lots of cursive fonts out there! But you picked the thinnes and the most gracious looking one, which is barely good to read! And most of the visitors including me have bad eyesight which probably and actually give us hard time to read on your page, so just a piece of advice! Choose a thicker, not-so scattered cursive font!

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They’re great! The projects could placed in a row instead of a column. I like the gradient in the portfolio. Looks cool. Font’s pretty clean too.

Try CSS flexbox or bootstrap for proper formatting. There’s tutorials on the medium publication for flexbox.

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Thank you all for your feedback! I’ve updated a few things on both as recommended (tribute font, image alignment)

I figured out how and changed the portfolio area to a ‘gallery’ style. Now I’m having trouble with the images overlapping in to the ‘Contact’ area when I change views.

Is there something I’m missing that would make the ‘Contact’ area move down rather than just being overlapped by the images?

Thank you for all your help!