Point to which file

I am starting the backend course but want to know which file I point to in order to open the api and get it to know what is running correctly in the first exercise.

Are you doing this on Replit?
Have you imported the repo from GitHub?

You’ll find the live project link above the Webview window (highlighted here):

That is the link which you submit to FCC to complete the challenges.

EDIT: I note that you’ve added a semicolon after the ‘author’ field though, which is invalid. You should use commas to separate fields here.

I am sure it was separated with a comma when I left it. A comma reinserted now still leaves the complaint that I have not done the exercise.

I believe the issue is quite a serious complication. I see 100’s of lines of code in a file in your copy that there is no way anybody could write as learning step 1 of a course. Then perhaps that is just what arrives when you purchase deployment?
I do have a website but do not wish to turn it into a testing ground for which bluehhost will ban me as a hacker from my own site so what do you think I should do. Even if I learn all this I don’t think I will be safe to do this kind of file if you need to pay for it. It will not be about ability but permission and now it seems even the sites advertising or reckoned to have live server hosting no longer do due really to I don’t have the brain fried ability to reason right now. It seems the code is beyond me but that chasing it will only deliver me to awkward conclusions about the basic bread and butter of the web now belonging to these server protocol experts who also as only fighting for their ability to code rather than present anything as simple as a letter or picture.

You don’t need to understand all of the code which is given to you in these GitHub repos. It’s basic boilerplate code, which is necessary to allow the app and the challenges to work properly and for FCC to test your responses.

All you need to understand are the steps which you are being taught along the way. You will gain a deeper understanding in due course, as you work through the certifications.

For this particular repl, you’re just learning the basics of how the backend functions. So, for the very first step, all you need understand is how you add information (such as an author key) to your package.json file.

If it’s still not passing the challenge after you have corrected the error I mentioned, it may be because you haven’t stopped and restarted your repl to allow the changes to take effect, or there’s some other kind of error in your code.

thanks, patience is needed but when the outcome seems unsure and work to be done then it is like waiting too long to get started again. It certainly is a case of not understanding today.