Pointers for my tribute page

Here is my tribute page.
Please let know of anything i can inprove on.

Good start @marjeanm.

The buttons can be changed to something actionable and you can also use bootstrap classes like btn btn-primary or btn btn-default etc. You can refer to the bootstrap documentation

There can be some spacing between the last image on the page.

You can use figcaption as show here in mdn docs

Using images that don’t mix well together in the background isn’t a good idea. Usually you should look for either large images that take up the whole screen, or recursive images that can be repeated seamlessly.

The title needs more focus, maybe add a background to it and give less focus to the subtitle. I’m not sure what the buttons are supposed to be.

The text should have some sort of contrast between timeline, quotes and footer. Just ask yourself what would bother you about this page if it wasn’t yours.