Pokedex project review!⚡

Hello campers!

This is not a FCC project but wanted to get your feedback on what I can do to make this project better.

Live URL: https://gotta-search-em-all.netlify.app/

The code: https://github.com/shimphillip/gotta-search-em-all

This is awesome! Clearly you’ve put a lot of work into it.

If I was to give any feedback, it would be:

  • ‘Hp’ should be changed to ‘HP’, since its an abbreviation for ‘Hit Points’ rather than its own word.
  • Switching between Pokemon can feel a bit abrasive at times, since the Pokedex disappears and reappears sharply and the time it disappears can vary. If it’s not too much work, maybe you could add a smoother transition. One example would be to keep the Pokedex visible but have the in-built content fade or slide in and out like in-built computer screens would.
  • The strong against / weak against tooltip might benefit from a small border in a dark colour, just to help it stand out against the background a little better.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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