Pokémon Survey Form

Hello everyone!

I finished the survey project and I’d like to know what you think.
It was written in Brackets and then later copied over to CodePen.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :smile:

Please have a look here


Nice and clean. Great job!
The only issue I saw (minor issue) was that in iPhone 6/7 mode, the rightmost heading image (looks like a disc - I’m guessing it’s a Pokemon ball or something) gets pulled farther away from the heading (slightly off the screen, but not sure if it’s a Code Pen issue or not) than the one on the left.

Thank you!
I’m not sure what causes the issue (there is indeed supposed to be a pokéball on both the left and right side of the heading). It’s true that I didn’t think of different screen sizes though, so I’ll definitely keep that in mind for future projects.

It only should have a girl our boy not other it’s doesn’t fit with the theme. Also as a job why is Pokemon trainer not an option?

Wow! you did some advanced styling to your checkboxes and radio buttons! such creativity that I’ve never seen before!

There are more types of pokemon like lightning, steel, plasma, phsychic… I think you should add those as well.
I really like the font you picked with the blue border. Good job on that.