[POLL] Pair Programming

We already know that one of the best ways to learn to program is doing it alongside others.

I’d really love to know how many of you do pair programming on a regular basis, how many have not done it yet but would be interested and how many don’t intend to do it at all.

I’d include a pool but I have no idea on how to do it from the phone.[poll]

  • Do it regularly
  • Have done it a little, would like to do it again
  • Have done it, didn’t like it
  • Haven’t done it but interested
  • Not interested
  • Luke, I’m your father
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This is under active development:


More features are on the way, but it works fine for forum members to use.

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I’m not asking for a platform, but for answers for my imaginary survey (I haven’t yet figured how to create one here).

In the post editor, click the little cog and choose ‘build poll’

Thank you! I was looking to the other cog and it had only the option to create a wiki.

Can I suggest the option: have done it a little, would like to do more

Also: have done it, didn’t like it.

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Added them both to the poll :slight_smile:

I couldn’t resist ‘Luke, I’m you father’ …

Haven’t done it, don’t think I can | want to | will, doesn’t mean I won’t.
Oh life is complicated, full of uncertainties.

Exactly my thoughts on this.
Nevertheless, it seems that if you actually want to work as a programmer, you will eventually have to cooperate with others. So maybe its a good idea to suck it up and get somewhat used to this concept earlier.

My… Programming is a demanding b**** - pardon my French. I don’t think I can list all the personal traits I’ve already gone against since I started !

That’s not a good thing, have you talked to him about it?

I don’t mind the idea of pair programming as long as there’s a clear objective and clearly defined roles. The one time I tried it, the other person kept jumping right into the function that I was working on and once deleted three lines of code that I had just finished typing because he wanted to do that particular section.