Pomodore Clock Project

I have pretty much completed this project, have to figure “noise” out – probably do that later.
I added a current date and time and briefly touched on labor laws (US). Need to do a couple of other things that I’ve decided I don’t like but later. Have worked on this hummer almost a month.

When I set work to 1 minute and break to 1 minute and then slick Start, the Work countdown (on left) starts counting down while the break hides. When the Work gets to 0:00, the break countdown (on right) appears with 0:00 as shown below. Nothing else happens

One other suggestion is to use a fixed width font for the time in the Date/Time at the top of the page. It is very distracting seeing the time shift to the left and right when switching from 1:04:09 PM to 1:04:10 PM to 1:04:11 PM. The extra movement is because the fonts are not the same width for the 1’s as the other numbers.

Thank you so much,! Tried several things to get the current date from bouncing around but didn’t think of fixed width. Will check out the timer comment also. Be a day or so however.