Pomodoro 25 5 tests failing ... dont understand why .. UPDATED..SOLVED.. see my own reply

I am working on the Build a 25 + 5 project. I am having some problems with the tests failing but I can’t recreate a failure or understand why these tests are failing. The tests 2-5 all test that you increment or decrement the length of sessions or breaks. All are failing. I have checked thoroughly that I meet the tests. I have scoured the forums. I don’t know how to solve these tests based on the test response. which is:

  1. When I click the element with the id of “break-decrement”, the value within id=“break-length” decrements by a value of 1, and I can see the updated value. The failure returns as:

expected ‘1’ to equal ‘4’.AssertionError: expected ‘1’ to equal ‘4’

If anyone has any input it would be appreciated, I have a couple days in now, and I am super stuck.

The app is deployed and can be ran, and the tests are installed there also.

Link to deployed app (can run tests here): https://pomodorofcc.herokuapp.com/
(make sure to choose the 25+5 test in the test suite)

Link to source code: GitHub - Leddfoot/pomodoro_fcc

Build a 25 + 5 Clock


I solved this problem myself and would like to mark it as solved or delete it? Can someone tell me how to accomplish this?

If you were looking into it and are curious I had set the reset function only to fire if the timer was running, so it never fired if it wasn’t.

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