Pomodoro Animation Help

I’ve noticed a lot of people have sort of a moving circle timer on their pomodoro, or something like the FCC example. How exactly do you calculate this and move the animation?

pen : [ https://codepen.io/FreeCodeCamp/full/aNyxXR/ ]

Lets say u have green circle filled green , and there is div that cover that circle, div have same color as background
So how time passing, that div goes up and revail circle.
Also as see there is gap between circle that is filled and just circle.
So u can make it all absolute and set
Fulled-circle: z-index:1
Div: z-index:2
And circle that just have circle: z-index:3

And of top of all
Text with time: z-index:4

Also i like how u did ur portfolio

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Thanks, I think I got it almost working now.

Can u post when u finish?

Maybe you are still interested in this article. I tried it out on codepen.