Pomodoro built and deployed!

Well folks I finally finished building and deploying my pomodoro clock. Here it is: https://ozmos.github.io/pomodoro/

Please have a look and let me know what you think.

Looks really good, Good job so far!
I don’t like to give too much style criticism because I think of it like art and you can do what you like and I see that it’s pretty responsive where it needs to be, so good job with that as well.
1 thing I noticed is that you can’t click the actual arrows to adjust the time, only a very small area around them which is not how most people would want to do it. After that’s fixed it’s pretty solid!
Maybe have a secondary sound for when the session starts. I like the sound choice for the break, haha. Would be nice knowing for sure it’s session time with it’s own sound though.

Good points, I’m going through all my React projects and sprucing them up and will bear your points in mind.