Pomodoro Clock ABCD

Does anyone have a link to a pomodoro clock that works?

I can’t tell what I’m supposed to be building from the set of instructions.

The instructions show a working demo.

I haven’t seen it.

The link in the instructions loads but when I click the page nothing happens.

I don’t know what a pomodoro is (I’ve wikied it but I still have no idea) which is I think causing the problem. I can see two clocks “Break Length” and “Session Length”. In the middle there’s a bigger clock which is also Session Length. That is confusing to me but I guess the other Session Length clock is decorative???

That’s confusing to me. I can increment and decrement the values but I can’t start the clock and I have no idea what the break length clock does.

Yeah, this is the clock I’ve seen.

I don’t understand how one operates it. I can’t start any of the clocks only change the values on the faces.