Pomodoro Clock Advice

Hey everyone,

Looking for some advice on the Pomodoro Clock Challenge. I have it set up where I can adjust the session time, break time and start the session time. However, I am stuck with getting the break time to start when the session time expires. My main question with how I have my code set up… is there anyway where that when the timer div is equal to “00:00” to then start the break timer? I tried to use to if (’#timer’.includes(“00:00”) == true) then do something but have not gotten that to work. Not the best code but looking to see if there is a workaround. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.


what i did was add and remove class to the spans for displaying the timers

eg sessinon timer the display was in a span with a classes of … class='ti time’
break timer display was in a span with class='timeA’
when session timer hits 00:00 i would check if a span with class of ti had a class time if so remove it and add class time to span with class timeA

then when break timer hit 00:00 i would check if span with class ti had class time if not add the class time to it and then remove class time form span with class timeA
this lets the timers loop continuously
i also used clearInterval() function so i could stop/pause the timer … and i could change timer settings using it
so i believe you could do the same thing for your timers and it should work