Pomodoro clock as ring timer

In my younger days, I used to do a lot of martial arts, including boxing and kickboxing. I remember this old Title gym timer that was my task master in round after round of training. That thing was a real pain to set up right.

When I first saw the project heading “Pomodoro Clock” I was like “what the heck is that?” Then I was like “Oh! It’s a gym timer.”

So here you go, a pomodoro clock as it would be used in kickboxing or MMA. I might make a mobile app out of this eventually.

Lovely design!

Two things would improve this for me from a usability perspective:

  1. To use this as a traditional Pomodoro timer (i.e. 25 mins), requires me to click the +30s button 50 times. How about some extra increment buttons with larger units, or some common presets (Pomo, MMA etc)?
  2. A nice sound effect to signal the transition would be sweet - especially the obnoxious ones those gym timers make, if you can get your hands on a file.

True, the 25 minutes is a lot to enter… but that would be a very long round anyway. The timer can handle it (thus meeting the user story,) but it was outside the theme, so I didn’t do much to accommodate it specifically.

I like the buzzer idea! I’ll have to work on that.