Pomodoro Clock can't pass #11 #23

Hello friends,

I need some help with my app: https://codepen.io/teez-zeet/full/pojpVze

It can’t seem to pass #11 & 23 of the test suite though its functionality seems to be working as expected.

The errors respectively:

Default timer label was not properly reset : expected 'Session\n00:58' to equal 'Session\n25:00'
Timer has switched to Break time, but it didn't start with the correct value.: expected 0 to equal 5

I notice that while running test #11, the clock counts down from 00:59 to 00:58 before it resets to 25:00. I guess it expects the clock to resets instantly instead of counting before resetting, but I can’t figure out what causes this unexpected behavior.

#23 . Orbserving through console.log while running test, somehow the clock just doesn’t update state hook, making the minute value stays at 0 while it should be 5 after switching to break time. Weird thing is, outside of test suite, the clock does update state hook.