Pomodoro clock complete but fails on test

I completed the last Front End Libraries Projects challenge. Totally fails on the test and I really cannot understand why… :frowning:
I reach only 1 point from 29 but the clock works perfectly… and I used the expected Id-labels and also effects…

Anyway I used:

  • canvas
  • bootstrap
  • jQuery

The code available here
and anyone can test here.

I remember the some of the tests say that the session or break counter must not decrease lower than 1 but your clock decreases to zero maybe check that.

If the value lower than 1 and start the clock, will count from one minute.
The input field also usable by keyboard. I must leave empty the field or I unable enter any number lower than 10 with keyboard…
But I have any other issue with the test because fails everything… (except one)

I’ve had mistakes. But then I realized that I either forgot to add an id or didn’t do some values as intended. As a result, I’m sure you think you have these little problems. I’ve looked at your project, and you’ve done it really well. I’m sure you’ll handle that too :raised_hands: