Pomodoro Clock - Do all tests need to pass

I have built the clock but the way I did it did not need to utilize all the ID’s that the user tests require. This is causing some of the tests to fail however I have read each test and my application meets each one. Can I still pass this in and get the certificate??? I feel like me building it on my own terms and getting everything working should be rewarded not punished? Has anyone else experienced this? Am I good to submit this?

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No one checks your work when you claim a certificate, you just have to sign an Academic Honesty Pledge, that said, it is a good thing to have all the tests pass to make sure that you have met all the standards / user stories, all other things that you do above and beyond is all good and can still be kept as a super-set of the required user stories.

The previous version of the FCC curriculum did not have any tests, I personally think having tests is better generally as it standardizes the projects and brings a certain degree of accountability.

Great thanks!! I agree with the accountability thing and all my other project shave passed 100% but this one I clearly took a different angle from what they expected so it would be a huge re-factor to get everything passing. I feel as though it meets their standards and mine so I will submit. Thanks for your help!!!