Pomodoro Clock EXAMPLE not passing all tests - audio issue

I’m using Google Chrome.

I’ve been using the example code to help me try to solve the audio beep problem. However, when I run the tests for the Pomodoro Clock on the example itself, the example doesn’t pass all the tests. Specifically, it doesn’t play the audio beep when it is supposed to.

I guess my question is this: is it a problem with the browser I’m using which is causing the tests to not pass? If not, is it possible that the devs need to update the code so that all the test cases pass on the example? Please advise.

The example project is passing all the tests for me in both Chrome and Firefox. Maybe try in an Incognito window with extensions disabled.

I tried doing it in Incognito with all of my extensions disabled, but I still failed the tests.

However, I did try the tests in Firefox and was able to pass them all there. I’m guessing there’s some weird setting enabled in my Chrome where it disables the audio tag or something. No idea.

Anyway, the issue is on my end. Thanks for confirming!