Pomodoro clock help 3

Hey the increments on my pomodoro clock is not increasing on session length and break length.
Here is the link to my project:


Add a console.log(inc, type) before the this.setState line in the handleSetTimers method and you will see the value for type has a different case than your state properties.

I tried Consol.log() and it is not working at all i cant see any errors.

I do not see where you added the console.log to the codepen you linked earlier.

@RandellDawson I would also like to point that:-

  • He has not added the this binding of his handler in the component.
  • His setup for using moment.js (on line number 53) is incomplete with no script or import.

Maybe I am wrong but you should definitely check that out.

This is not a problem as handleSetTimers is an arrow function.

Not sure what you mean. The user has linked to moment.js in the JS Module pen settings.

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Hey i got it working i know what did wrong in the setTimer component i forgot to make session and break lowercase thats what happened.

Hey i got it working i forgot to make break and session lowercase